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Other works & experiences

Pursuing new experiences is always a challenge and a goal for me. These are my past experiences and achievements that have given me new skill sets and memorable moments. Importantly, they provided opportunities to meet new people, share knowledge, have fun and learn from others.

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Summer Internship at 

"Qualy is a 100% Thai designed product brand who believes in the power of designing that can enhance the better life and the better world. Our philosophy is to respect our planet and in the meantime, improve people’s life. That makes us work harder to design every products to be creative and useful for every mankind, bring Happiness to every smiles and dedicated ourselves to be more Sustainable and eco-friendlier design brand."

During the internship, I had the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with the design team. I contributed to the design and ideation of client products and packaging for various projects. Importantly, I was assigned to participate in one of their major annual projects, handling tasks from receiving the client brief to the design and pitch presentation process, which proved to be a valuable experience for me. Furthermore, I created social media content for Facebook and Instagram, including product photography, and gained hands-on knowledge of machinery and recycled plastic at the factory.

The Golden Prize for oral presentation in the field of chemistry on the topic of “Cost effective test kit for screening of sulfate concentration based on turbidimetric method” in “9th SCIUS Forum”, 2019

As a student in Science Classrooms in University - Affiliated School Project, a budget-funded project from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Engineering Science Classroom (ESC) ,It was mandatory to pass the Science Research Project Forum, and I successfully completed the chemistry field project, awarded the Golden Prize for the oral presentation conducted in English. This project, undertaken alongside regular semester studies, demanded dedication, passion, and effective team collaboration. 


Shortlisted team 

As one of the seven shortlisted teams selected from over 200 nationwide,  me, my friends and mentors participated in a photography workshop with Olympus and competed in the semi-final round in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The competition centered around 'lives in local areas,' requiring participants to submit a collection of photos accompanied by descriptive stories. While challenging, it proved to be an enjoyable experience that further motivated me to explore and adventure through life via photography.

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