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demonstration animation

The main theme of this project was "Playful" and "Curious." The inspiration came from the my childhood memories of playing with scientific toys such as maze balls and hydraulic robotic arms, which embody the essence of playfulness and spark curiosity and a sense of wonder. These toys encouraged me to question things while also providing a fun experience.

Redesigning a lamp, a ubiquitous object for people of all ages, particularly kids and students, was a thrilling challenge as the objective was to strike a balance between form and function. The lamp should meet the needs of the users while also being aesthetically pleasing and functional. I implemented the RGB (red, green, blue) model into the product by using button switches as a light colour mixer.

Primary colors of light are red, green, and blue. When combined, they produce a wide range of colors. Overlapping two primary colors results in secondary colors (cyan, yellow, and magenta), and mixing all three primary colors produces white light. I also added three tracks for a ball to roll down and press a button switch.

green bg spectrio.png
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