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Project brief:

The unit emphasizes broad aspects of design practice and business management, such as tendering, pitching, and production planning. A significant focus of the course is on group work, fostering team-based project skills, and utilizing individual strengths for collective productivity. It also encourages interdisciplinary collaboration among architecture and design students. Additionally, the course delves into the concept of 'Practising', highlighting arts-based research methodologies and creative applications. This includes practical exercises like creating a professional CV, analyzing a design practice, developing a startup company identity, defining company ethos and roles, critical overview, business philosophies, marketing strategies, and producing a filmed business manifesto.

We were tasked with forming a company, where the roles of each team member were determined based on their CVs and individual strengths. Throughout the course of our study, we engaged in various tasks, culminating in a final project that involved creating products or prototypes using 'jelly'. This project served as a practical exercise in the professional world, requiring us to effectively pitch our company's identity, ethos, service structure, and the product itself. This experience provided a comprehensive understanding of team dynamics, role allocation based on individual capabilities, and the development and presentation of a product in a professional context.

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