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Dribbo – The smart dish drainer is designed to encourage sustainability by reducing plastic packaging from supermarkets and saving water at the same time. It integrates the dish drainer rack with the LED grow light to support indoor plant cultivation. The structure is designed to collect water dripping from crockery and cutlery into the drainer to water users’ plants instead of letting it be wasted.

Through research and observation, herb pots are shown to not only enhance good environment in a kitchen, but they can also help save money and reduce individual plastic pre-cut herbs packaging in a long term. However, planting indoor requires a sufficient amount of light and water for each type of plants.

In order to help indoor plant grown effectively, the LED light controlled by the application will help users to look after their plants with minimal effort and time. By choosing a plant type on the application, the amount of proper light that suits each type of plants will be set automatically.

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