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De La Glace-white.jpg

De La Glace, a recently launched ice cream parlour in Bangkok, specializes in homemade ice cream featuring unique and exclusive flavors. Engaged in an ongoing project, I provide hand-drawn illustrations to narrate the story behind each distinctive flavor, ensuring uniqueness in every detail for the client.


Ice cream cup design

To distinguish each flavor, I designed and hand-drew illustrations for the lids, featuring the main characters 'Glacier' and 'Sorbet.' These twin characters, with melting ice cream heads, embody elements and actions unique to each flavor, creating a distinctive and engaging visual identity for the product.

3 Ice Cream Cups Mockup.jpg
breakfast time mockup.jpg



Stickers set for Line - messaging application

sticker 14.png
sticker 1.png
sticker 11.png
sticker 10.png
sticker 12.png
sticker 9.png
sticker 6.png
sticker 7.png
sticker 4.png
sticker 3.png
sticker 15.png
sticker 13.png
sticker 8.png
sticker 5.png
sticker 2.png
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